FGSA Technology

The World’s First Full-Glass Antenna

AERKOMM has invented a proprietary Full-Dominance Glass Semiconductor Antenna (FGSA) technology which is a disruptor to current satellite ecosystem. FGSA technology revolutionizes phased array antenna technology from PCB-based systems to semiconductor-based. This technology integrates an antenna and circuits that are built using a semiconductor process, allowing for a higher degree of integration and smaller form factor.

Our antenna is designed and manufactured in a standard tile format and can be easily modularized for various applications.

FGSA technology utilizes direct-drive design to achieve independent control of each element which, in turn, allows one single antenna to achieve multi-beam communication with multi-orbit (LEO/MEO/GEO/HEO) satellites at the same time. The glass surface of antenna is much flatter than when using PCB, which enables a much more precise signal transmission, and Bare IC reduces the RF loss from packaging.

This innovation creates a new industry standard and the most unique technology utilizing semiconductor scale-down capabilities to create a new era of full-functioned satellite mobile communications.

Software-Defined Modem

An Universal Modem For Various Constellation Connections

Designed for Next Generation Constellation Connection

Software-defined modems enable flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency by providing programmable signal processing functions that can be reconfigured to support different modulation and coding schemes, as well as the latest protocols and standards. By applying a single hardware platform for multiple standards, we created this unique system to be more flexible and compatible to different satellite constellation waveforms, and more easily upgraded for new waveforms via software updates.

Benefits Of Utilizing Minimal Resources To Achieve Maximum Performance

LEO satellite communication systems often have limited power/bandwidth resources and suffer time-varying channel/high mobility issues. Software-defined modems can be designed to optimize the use of those resources and combat channel impairments by implementing advanced signal processing techniques and algorithms.

We have been developing our first-generation software-defined modem using FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). The second-generation architecture will be implemented by SoC (System On Chip) with CPU/GPU-embedded which can leverage high parallel-processing capability.

EdgeKomm Box

Distributed Satellite-Enabled Content Delivery Network

The EdgeKomm Box simplifies content delivery and improves network performance through its advanced technology features. With local caching capabilities, it stores frequently accessed content for faster delivery to users. Seamlessly integrated with our Content Delivery
Network (CDN), it efficiently distributes content across the network. The EdgeKomm Box also enables edge computing, allowing data processing and analysis at the network edge, resulting in faster response times.

Additionally, it supports targeted advertising, delivering personalized and relevant ads to users. Offering both wired and wireless connectivity options, it easily integrates into various network setups.

The EdgeKomm Box is scalable and flexible, adapting to growing network demands. It optimizes network performance using advanced algorithms while prioritizing security with robust measures. Effective management and monitoring tools ensure efficient administration and configuration of the devices. Overall, the EdgeKomm Box empowers seamless content delivery, enhances network performance, enables personalized advertising, and ensures secure and efficient device management.