AERKOMM successfully developed innovative space technology, and evolved towards becoming a multi-orbit LEO/MEO/GEO/HEO space technology provider during the global pandemic and is now a licensed satellite service operator.

Mobile Backhaul

Aerkomm provides satellite-based solutions for mobile backhaul to help operators deliver a seamless user experience. We use FGSA technology to upgrade millions of existing 4G/5G base stations to be satellite-compatible, which enables operators to support the growing demand for data-intensive applications.

Our technology is highly programmable and scalable, and we partner with a variety of organizations to help them deploy their services to the edge of the network for mobile backhaul. We aim to improve network efficiency and reduce operating costs, helping operators to optimize their operations and increase profitability.

By providing high-speed and reliable connectivity for mobile users, Aerkomm is at the forefront of this paradigm shift in mobile backhaul technology.


In-Flight High-Speed connectivity is in rapidly growing demand. Aerkomm provides satellite-based solutions for continuous connectivity in the skies, enabling airlines to offer a seamless connectivity experience for passengers.

Our wireless connectivity solution provides access to media content, including movies, videos, music, news feeds, video games, advertising, and promotions. We stream content from an onboard server to existing IFE devices or passenger mobile devices, allowing them to access the content they want from web browsers or an app.

Our single unified network connects airline hubs with high-speed data, providing more value and lower overall costs. With a continuous stream of real-time data, we are making aero mobility a safer and more elevated experience for all. Aerkomm's solutions aim to provide high-speed and reliable connectivity for airlines and passengers, enabling them to enjoy a seamless and engaging experience in the air.

Network Resilience

Aerkomm provides satellite-based solutions for network resilience, particularly in emergency situations. Our satellite services are designed to ensure that satellite networks remain operational and reliable in the face of unexpected disruptions or failures.

We offer a range of satellite services, including flat panel antennas, which are in high demand due to their small size and high efficiency. Our solutions aim to provide high-speed and reliable connectivity for critical operations, enabling users to stay connected and informed in emergency situations. With our commitment to meeting the demands of satellite-based network resilience, Aerkomm is at the forefront of delivering reliable and resilient connectivity for users around the world.

SatCom Service

Aerkomm offers innovative solutions for Satellite Communication services, aimed at providing high-value-added services to existing broadcast TV customers. With over 475 million global satellite TV viewers in 2023, Aerkomm's solutions aim to address the growing demand for improved broadcasting and ISP services.

Our LEO/GEO/MEO/HEO integrated hybrid antenna can utilize low-cost GEO signals for broadcast TV and MEO/LEO signals for ISP services. By replacing existing broadcasting antennas with our multicast FGSA antenna, we can provide additional pre-loaded over-the-top (OTT) and ISP services, greatly increasing service revenue by up to 5-8X.

Our solutions offer a range of benefits for satellite communication services, including improved broadcasting and ISP services, reduced customer acquisition costs, and greater revenue opportunities for satellite service providers.