April 27, 2023

Taiwan Ministry of Digital Affairs: Aerkomm awarded a Satellite Service Operators Licence

Aerkomm Taiwan Inc., a subsidiary of Aerkomm Inc. USA, has been awarded a Satellite Service Operators License by the Taiwan Ministry of Digital Affairs on April 27, being one of only few legal Satellite Service Providers to offer connectivity to end customers. Beyond this, Aerkomm is in the unique position to be the only NGSO (Non-Geostationary Orbit) Service Operation License holder in the Taiwan market.

The Taiwan Ministry of Defence, in conjunction with the National Communications Commission (NCC), established the "Radio Frequency Review Committee for Satellite Fixed Communications", inviting experts and scholars in the fields of communications, finance and information security to participate, and requesting professional advice from the Financial Supervisory Commission and the Investment Review Committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to complete the review of the two companies' application qualifications, network setup and operation concepts.

With this operating license, Aerkomm can offer land services in Taiwan and Aero/ Maritime services globally. Beyond this Aerkomm is now also positioned to gain membership in the ITU (International Telecommunications Union), which allows Aerkomm to expand land services to the global market. Aerkomm has appointed their local affiliate, Ejectt Inc. to be their full right agent in the Taiwan and immediate Asian marketplace.

Aerkomm is partnering with global content connectivity service provider SES to leverage O3b mPOWER, SES's next generation MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) communications system to target markets, including data-centre trunking, mobile backhaul, automotive, maritime, aviation, teleport services, government projects, and many other segments of the ever-expanding Space Tech market.

Designed to deliver high throughput, ultra-flexible and carrier-grade MEO services, SES's O3b mPOWER will enable Aerkomm to connect its customers from even the most remote regions across Taiwan. O3b mPOWER will start delivering global services in Q3 2023.

"SES is proud to announce they will deliver MEO connectivity services across Taiwan jointly with Aerkomm Taiwan Inc. and looks forward to expanding their relationship globally."
Diego Paldao
Director, Market Development at SES.

With partnership support from SES, Aerkomm will now continue to add operating licenses to their portfolio, extending services globally.

Contact: Alan Gallant