August 2, 2023

AERKOMM and MESH Tech Unite for Trailblazing Merger, Leading Distributed CDN Innovation

AERKOMM Inc., a distinguished US-based space technology company, announced a pivotal milestone on July 31, 2023. The Company entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Mesh Technology Taiwan Limited("MESH Tech"), in a transaction valued at $16.5 million. This merger signifies a strategic alignment, harnessing synergies from the complementary technologies, expertise, and market positions of AERKOMM and MESH Tech. The goal is to establish a formidable presence as a frontrunner in the disruptive resilient satellite internet network and content delivery industry.


MESH Tech is a company that develops products to accelerate data transfer and distribution across various geographical locations using its hybrid CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology. The merger with MESH Tech signifies a strategic synergy between the two companies. MESH Tech stands as an innovator, driving transformative solutions, exemplified by the "EdgeKomm AI Box," an advanced AI computing achievement that optimizes connectivity services and content delivery through a distributed satellite-enabled EdgeKomm AI Box CDN network.  The convergence of AERKOMM’s robust resilient internet network technology with MESH Tech's advancements positions the Company as a trailblazer in the industry. This synergy ensures the provision of reliable and high-speed satellite internet connectivity to users across the globe.


The merger leads to substantial cost savings and revenue generation for AERKOMM. Prior to the merger, the Company was projected to incur around $90 million in expenses over the next few years, covering software development, data fees, licensing expenses for its resilient satellite internet network, and the development of the EdgeKomm AI Box and Distributed CDN technology.


This consolidation grants AERKOMM immediate access to MESHTech's extensive technological resources, resulting in significant reductions in both time and costs associated with software development and licensing. The in-house availability of the EdgeKomm AI Box and Distributed CDN technology further enhances operational efficiency. This merger with MESH Tech accelerates AERKOMM's time-to-market for deploying the EdgeKomm AI Box and Distributed CDN solutions, while also positioning the Company as an early mover in the content delivery industry, capitalizing swiftly on market opportunities.


The merger with MESH Tech represents a transformative opportunity for AERKOMM. The alignment of strategic advantages, advanced technology, cost-effective solutions, and potential revenue streams positions the company for enduring success in the content delivery industry. The merger underscores the profound significance and value creation of the transaction for AERKOMM and its stakeholders.





Jessica Hsu