We plan to provide LEO satellite connectivity solutions to clients the benefits of V/ Ka band unique solutions.

  • Partner with Telesat Lightspeed Satellite Constellation
  • Cost efficiency and high-low temperature endurance from mini-LED technology
  • High reliability from electronic-steering phase array antenna technology

Our Connectivity Solutions

We expect to bring connectivity on-board aircrafts with communication satellites. Aircrafts equipped with connectivity instruments can communicate with satellites via an airborne antenna. The satellite then relays the information to a ground station, which is equipped with a high- power satellite dish and is connected to the internet through our proprietary ground system.

Our Content Solutions

Traditionally, airlines view in-flight entertainment content as a budgeted expense for which they have to pay hefty royalties. With our business model and technologies, we are able to transform in-flight entertainment into a source of revenue for our airline customers. We are teaming up with our airlines customers to provide free onboard Wi-Fi services to passengers, which allows us to maintain data traffic control, specifically in terms of blocking or placing advertisements as needed and inserting targeted commercials.

  • Premium Content Sponsorship
  • Live TV
  • Social Media and Instant Messaging
  • Video/Content on Demand
  • Search Engine
  • Internet Advertising Replacement
  • Online/Streaming Gaming
  • Telecommunications Text Messaging Services
  • Destination-Based Service
  • In-flight Trading

Black Box Live

For reasons of flight safety, a flight recorder, commonly known as a black box, is required on every aircraft over a certain size. The flight recorder records data with respect to the various status of the flight and stores the data on a magnetic tape or solid-state disk with special coding. After retrieving the relevant information from the device, an individual can decode the data and learn what the aircraft encountered during the flight. This makes it possible to determine the potential causes of an accident. When the black box is needed, the aircraft has likely suffered an accident. A massive impact or explosion accompanies most airplane crashes, thus requiring the flight recorder to be shockproof and fire resistant. As the majority of aviation accidents happen over an ocean, the flight recorder must also be waterproof and corrosion-resistant to avoid being damaged by salt water. Despite advancements in flight recorder design and the continual improvement of the strength of its materials, records show that a large number of flight recorders were damaged and unreadable following accidents, if not lost altogether. For this reason, effective, real-time storage of in-flight data is beneficial for deducing the cause of aviation crashes and preventing them from happening again.


Our planned AirCinema solution is designed to transfer passengers' visual and audio experience. Traditional built-in in-flight entertainment systems, in particular those in the economic cabin, are confined to very small screen and primitive audio sound. Our planned AirCinema utilizes the pico projector technology to bring supersized screen display onboard airplanes without incurring outrageous costs or adding significant weight. AirCinema will aim to deliver a screen size of up to 20' in economy seats and even bigger screen in business or first-class cabins. With such screen sizes, will be possible for AirCinema to obtain IMAX certification. Moreover, AirCinema will be capable of providing full HD 3D Cinema experience in-flight. In addition, AirCinema will incorporate a special designed head rest with embedded speaker arrays that will deliver THX surround sound without headphones. We plan to qualify AirCinema for a theater license, which would enable us to provide first-run theater only movie titles and sell movie tickets on pay-per-view basis. Our satellite based connectivity system could stream the movie title from ground to aircraft and simultaneously provide digital rights management, which is a prerequisite of showing a theater-only movie title. AirCinema will transform airline coaching seating into theater seating and the passengers could enjoy movies with the same look and feel of sitting in a movie theater.